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The WingTent

The WingTent

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Includes 10 stakes and 12 straps needed to setup the WingTent and privacy panel. 


Customize your WingTent with your custom N-number, printed below our logo.

The WingTent comes in 3 sizes to fit most GA aircraft wings.  It is made of durable Nylon with a polyurethane coating on the underside to be as paint and fabric friendly as possible. It has a UV protective coating on the top to prevent the color from fading in the sun.


  • Dimensions:
  •        Blazer (standard): 15' x 20'
  •        Corsair (narrow): 10' x 20'
  •        Tundra (tall): 15' x 24'
  • Dimensions when stowed: 22" x 16" x 6"
  • Weight: 10-13 lbs, depending on model


How to choose your WingTent
Most airplane owners will want the Blazer, our standard size. Owners of smaller aircraft such as Piper Tripacers or Kitfoxes, will want our Corsair.  To verify what you need, measure the length of your wing from the wing root to the tip.  If your wing is longer than 14' from root to tip, our Blazer is the model you'll need.  If your wing is less than 14' from root to tip, you'll need the Corsair.  If you have large tundra tires (39" or more), or your leading edge sits 82+ inches off the ground, you may want the Tundra, with its 4 feet of extra length.


A zippable door, forward of of the wing, can be opened to allow air to flow through the tent, or to serve as an entrance for guests.  It can be rolled up and stowed out of site, or lifted as an awning on tent poles (sold separately).


A privacy panel is included with the purchase of your WingTent, that attaches at the wing-tip end via 2" velcro.  This privacy panel can be attached to provide a private enclosure, or can be left off to create a more open, shade-tent type experience. 


On the inside of the tent, several d-rings have been placed both forward and aft of the wing, giving you a place to hang LED lights, or whatever suits your fancy. 


The wingtent pouch opens into a mesh hammock (16" x 48") that buckles onto the d-rings described above, near the fuselage, providing a place to store small personal items and keep them up away from the ground and the rain.  


Reinforced grommet tabs are sewn into the bottom edges of the WingTent. These can be used to stake the WingTent directly to the ground.  Or, below each grommet is a buckle and adjustable strap so the wingtent can be staked above the ground.  

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