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  • How much does it weigh?
    The standard GA WingTent weighs 14 pounds. The stubby WingTent weighs 12 pounds.
  • Are tent poles and stakes included?
    Yes, poles and stakes are both included. Also included are adjustable length chords to tether the tent to the stakes and the poles.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    You should receive your order within 3-5 weeks of your order date, depending on stock on hand. Generally you'll receive it faster than this.
  • Are any customizations available?
    Yes, for a small fee, you can have your N-number or name (up to 10 chars) screen printed below the logo on the outside of your WingTent.
  • Can the WingTent damage my aircraft?
    Anything can damage an aircraft, so the short answer is "Yes". But some aircraft have features like fuel cap vent stems, or VGs, that are susceptible to damage from the WingTent and require the owner to take extra care when drawing the WingTent over the wing. Generally, however, the WingTent is no more damaging than a typical airplane cover that goes over the glass and wraps the cockpit. The WingTent has a polyeurathane coating on the underside to make it as paint and fabric friendly as possible. The aircraft owner should use good judgement when deciding to place any fabric over an aircraft.
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